Penny Fielding Gallery And Interiors is the new development of Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors. The established shop now has a dedicated gallery space, which hosts a new exhibition every two months.
Showcasing artists specifically who have proven to be committed, have a track record of exhibitions, and who are developing their own unique style and voice, the gallery aims not only to bring a fresh and innovative program of exhibitions to E17, but also to give emerging artists a supportive platform and structure in which to exhibit.

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Photos by Paul Tucker |

Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors has championed local artists and designers for the past eight years. The new gallery aims to widen its search for emerging talent.

All artworks are for sale. Please email for help and information. For prices please check the ‘Artworks for Sale‘ page.

Current Exhibition:

  • Andrea Humphries – Paintings
    7th Nov- 5th Jan 2014
    White Tulips Three Vessels

    White Tulips Three Vessels

    Andrea Humphries still life images are a collection of distilled forms, drawn from the simple, domestic location in and around her own house and garden. Starting with sketches and studies, the paintings develop into highly designed arrangements between the object and its setting. Placed in flat open spaces designed to push and pull the visual plane; platonic, familiar shapes become altered in scale. A plain, ordinary jug becomes chiselled and monumental, and simple recognizable outlines are endowed with a presence beyond their everyday, common use. Textures, which relate directly or indirectly to the subject, are woven into the paintings. These link interior and exterior areas and present a layer of tactility into the composition. The end result is a dynamic counter balance of shape, colour and surface, providing a window into the quiet but vibrant world of the familial.
    ‘The surface texture of the board is important to me. The ‘finishes’ made are an accumulation of past imagery. Paint is built up in areas, or I use sandpaper to reveal layers underneath. Often a texture is taken directly from the environment, and is applied to an object or area out of context’.